Love Raining Days

13 Aug


My Hair!!!!! Is the first reaction for girls when it rains,  especially if they just got their hair done. The best hairstyle for rainy days is curly.  Honestly when it rains its the best thing that can happen for a relationship and going out. Why?

Well, less people are out side (losers on the corners), you can dress down, the streets are cleaned and its the best cuddling time with your partner.

Its just something about the rain that sets the mood. When your with that special someone at home and its raining outside,  staying in bed watching movies is the things to do. During raining times your mood is changed to mellow and its hard to argue during this kind of weather.

So try to look for the positives about the rain, instead of chanting

“rain, rain go away, come backanother day”.


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