30 Oct

Its the craziest thing to be looked at and flirted with when you have long hair or a weave, but the minute you cut your hair low its like you automatically become invisible.   My experience is that I get the young guys etc trying to talk to me when my hair was long. Once I cut my hair off the same guys didn’t recognize me. Same face, same personality just different hair and I turned unnoticed.

It seems like with my short hair, I can weed out the immature guys and focus on real men who aren’t about the hair, but about what really counts. Its ashame one day to be rocking heels, a nice dress and long hair, to be chased after. And then the next day sneakers, jeans and short hair, they walk pass like you are a dude or gay. Smh no offense to gay people but just because a female has a low hair does not constitute being gay.
Comment if you feel my pain.



2 Responses to “INVISIBLE ME”

  1. Lilian Druve October 30, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Your hair looks nice!

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