15 Nov


I know what your thinking… work it man hmmmmm well, I mean a man that can work for it. IT meaning you number, time, body, and mind. A lot of men think that once you say “hi” that it’s an automatic, IN. Ever get a man who gets passed the first stage of getting your number and then he already starts to show his colors? 


For example,  he begins to talk to you as if he owns you or doesn’t even try to set-up a date to go out. Well, that’s when you take him for his colors and  no longer waste time with him. A man who makes time, is a man who gets time… other than that I see no point to go further.   Do you?
Down the line of giving him chance to show that hw wants you, you will start to question if you were really ever in a relationship.  So before you get to the point of regret,  just forget him now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
And Men if you ain’t ready to show interest and actions,  don’t approach. Because this chance, might be your last chance. “If you know a woman’s worth you’ll give her what she deserves.” Thank me later, but for right now make sure you follow and share my blog with friends and family.  I thank you so much for reading…muah!

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