19 Nov

I realize now how much my daddy made me who I am today. I know so many people who can’t stand their fathers but here’s to you all. You should take a trip down my memory lane, would you be sane?

So from his testicles I hung out until the day he exploded into my new resting place, my mother’s womb. As months went on I got comfortable until I was shocked by a crazy impact. An impact to my mother’s womb, my home! My father had kicked my mother in the stomach at 8 months a long carrying me. I was born with some complications but with God’s grace I made it. Now it was time to name me…. my father decided on my name and convinced my mother to name me Karyne, you may not understand why that name is so special to my dad, well it was his mistress’ name. Yeah yeah I know you are all gasping, I now have the same name as my stepmother, Karyne Tinord. I just make sure my name is pronounced as Karen to not be mistaken for her.

At 4 years old my father left my mom with 5 kids to raise to be with his newly wife and mistress. My father is a special man who was into church but still a hoe. He made it to each of my graduations but never remembered any of my birthdays, guess the fact that he could brag to his friends that his children were educated was a big thing for him even though he didn’t care to see if we even had food.

When I graduated high school and was ready to go to college, my father was the reason I almost didn’t go to college. Why you ask? He wouldn’t provide his income information, even though he claimed me, saying he made too much and was afraid. He didn’t care that it might prevent me from going to school, but I beg my financial adviser and she helped me and I am a graduate of York College with a Bachelors in Business administration. I don’t hate my father, I pity him because he is reaping what he sowed. Beating, cheating and leaving my mother while she struggled with 5 kids, taught me to not depend on a man, but to trust and wait on the lord. So, I can say my daddy made me who I am today, by not being there for me yesterday.

If you can relate comment and make sure you follow my blog. Thank you in advance.

3 Responses to “DADDY MADE ME”

  1. richmilannovels November 20, 2013 at 1:09 am #

    Wow what a story… I cannot even imagine the pain your mother endured…you and your mom are two strong, blessed women… god bless you

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