6 Dec



These words for this great man were taken right from my mouth, @hauteness_ aka Eloho spoke many truths in this statement.  A man who was born in 1918 and lived through the changes in Africa, incarcerated for 27 years because of his beliefs and then made President of South Africa… now that’s a Man, a Man of God. Many for so long kill their brothers and

sisters, and think they have justification because they are “trying to feed their families” these are truly men of no honor or direction. Educate yourselves and hustle real jobs, you are not smarter than the system.
The anointing was definitely upon Mandela’s life. This generation lacks the leadership and respect that those before us were honored with. Everyone these days except for Occupy Wall street is taking a stand for justice, what happen to the rest of the world? Did we think it stopped with electing Obama? Well, it didn’t.  We as a people, not black, white or purple, have become okay with injustice. We utter a few “No Justice , no peace” statements and then we die down. What happen to Martin Luther’s Boycott tactics, or the freedom riders endurance,  or Nelson Mandela 27 years of imprisonment?  Was it all in vain, so you can spend your dollars on IPods and Iphones every month, for you to buy the same Jordans every year, for you to watch BET, or dine at the most expensive restaurants you can barely afford?  For such a country that is so technology advance, it is truly mentally, morally and spiritually challenged. Sorry but can I get 1 change, instead of 2 Chains!
These are the times Jesus warned us about,  when children fight their parents, wars become the norm and morality is thrown out the window.
In respect to a humble servant such as Nelson Mandela,  please reflect and encourage yourself to not wait for others to stand up for what’s right, but you yourself stand and lift others. Mandela’s powerful statement ” If you talk to a man in a language he understands it goes to his head , but if you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart” Mandela also teaches us that Bravery isn’t a man who does not have fear, but it is a man who fears and over comes it.
Don’t just post a RIP picture of Nelson Mandela,  make him proud and be a voice to the voiceless. Don’t just talk words, live them.

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