9 Dec

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If you want to find an event were it ultimately makes you go in to a fashion frenzy? Well I had an amazing time visiting vendors on Saturday,  December 7, 2013 at The  Ultimate Trunk Show. What could be more awesome than 2 floors of a fashion experience?  Nothing!  It was a serious opportunity to

shop, network and enjoy food, drinks massages and makeup.

My first stop was at the Royalty is Loyalty table where I was given some earrings and sample perfume from both Royalty is Loyalty and Pink Pebbles  and loved it. I used to work in Soho and everything about Soho was engulfed in the signature pieces of Soho Girl NY. Pink Bootz table drew me in because it was “Pink” the jewelry was cute, the business cards were pierced with pink studs which was a cute idea, however, the one I received had adhesive glue oozing out from them. Hmmmm… you be the judge. Of course I had to visit BagladieInk by Klee and her custom spandex dresses and head scarves, these colorful form fitted dresses were to die for and for winter her head scarves really are a must have, very classy. I really loved how the fitted caps and Brewster Jerseys were looking from The Nova Brown Brand collection. Clothes Minded caught my eye with their brand, their table was a little crowded so I made my way down stairs to the floor were people waited on a line for massages and hair cuts. I was on the fast lane headed straight for Ketta Vaughn Cosmetics Cosmetics, I loved the hot colors, especially the fast lane purple lipstick! Ketta was swamped with women looking to get their faces beat. BelleIeve pronounced believe, was another vendor that really had there business in order, giving a platform for beauty inspired brands to be seen. One of their guests to take their stage for the night was Ketta Vaughn. My experience was so ultimate at The Ulrimate Trunk Show 2013.. Can’t wait for next year spring 2014!


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