14 Feb


While everyone is making googly eyes at eachother and spending money on things to showhow much they mean to eachother,  there are some couples that can say I love and be okay.  Yesterday and tomorrow becomes obsolete, voided of all love and only today February 14th is “I love you forever and always”. Why are there individuals that hate this day when alone? But love this day when they have someone? Honestly,  it should be the other way around.

When you have someone you go crazy trying to find the perfect gift. Whats not too cheap or not too expensive.  The questions fill your head, are they getting something for me? Could I afford to get them something?  If I don’t get a good gift will it ruin the relationship?  Meanwhile….

Being single gives you liberty, the freedom to keep your money, hang out with family and children who make you happy. You won’t have to use a day to validate the amount of love you have. I love the way I feel when I play both roles because I love myself and know my self worth.
How to shop for Valentine’s day?  Well its simple… don’t over think it. Just buy what ever you feel like at that moment.  If it makes you smile and feel fuzzy then it should do the same for your partner if you both are in sync.  You have 2 more occasions a year to buy them something else like Christmas and their birthday, so calm down. If its love its love. Don’t let Valentine’s day turn into Valen-times day where you are counting down to when it’s over. Happy I love you day.

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