25 Feb

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As I arrived at the one year anniversary of Respect the Next on Saturday, February 22, 2014, I was impressed at how live it was within the first hour. Guests were lining up at the door of Santos Club in NYC to purchase tickets and receive raffle tickets for the giveaways.  I must say that the peoplewho worked the event were very professional and prompt. As Performers arrived and took to the stage, I watched how the crowd cheered and rapped along. I have the opportunity to sit with a few performers after taking the stage, like Chris Ferg (Rott3n Soci3ty), Jay Pres and Bizzy Crook. I got to mingle with She’s Ryan, Gossip ViV and Angela Yee of 1051’s Breakfast Club. All I can say it that I am looking forward to what will happen next year as more artists emerge. Marlon Morgan founder of Respect The Next was definitely dressed for the occasion as he rocked a Royal Blue and black Blazer. I was also greeted by Mr. Morgan’s PR for Respect the Next , Valerie of La Vie PR, she was on her A game ,helping keep the press updated. I chatted and seen some familiar press faces as we mingled back stage. It was truly a celebration, I was unable to sit with the other performers, Troy Ave being one. I had to turn down even though Dj had Santos all the way turned up.

For more on the the exclusive interviews with Chris Ferg, Jay Pres and Bizzy Crook follow and subscribe to this blog.


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