feu de vénus

2 Mar

a bit coquettish

feu de venus ophelie set

I’ve been meaning to write about Feu de Vénus for a while now; I came across the brand a while back — probably during one of those late nights spent lying in bed, phone hovering over my head, scrolling endlessly to some feed — and was captivated first and foremost by the name. Feu de Vénus, French for “Fire of Venus.” Immediately evoked are desire, passion, power — not connotations of sex or “sexy,” interestingly enough — which makes the brand story just as important as the designs produced. What drives a particular brand or specific design probably matters more to me, as a consumer (and not just as a writer seeking a topic): what you wear and who you wear is telling of the person (your self, hopefully) you wish to portray to the rest of the world.

It matters because nuances are significant — in fact, they matter…

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