6 Mar

I was asked the question  “why are you single?” last night, and I had to think about it more in depth.  Why am I single? Shoot if I knew how not to be single I would not be single. The follow-up questions were: are you needy, clingy, whining?  Well I’m truly none of those. I am a woman that knows her worth. Men nowadays want someone to bend over backwards,  to be their friend, lover and support system, yet giving them nothing but bastard babies in return.
Why am I single? Well not because I intimidate men or because I am picky. Again, I am a woman who knows her worth.  I am very ambitious and into a lot of things,  most times I don’t have time to be in a relationship.  I am celibate, which helps to weed out the players and boys. I have an education,  so yes my conversations tend to blow minds. So, to the corner hanging dudes who whistle and yell to get my attention, it’s a no.  The men of  today aren’t men of yesterday to become men of a promising future.  I am heterosexual,  which leaves me with how many straight men, without bitter baby mothers, Bisexual tendencies, commitment fobias, Diseases, alcohol and/or drug addictions or with the fear of God?
Why am I single? Well, because I won’t settle. I won’t settle for a man who wants me to lower my standards and comprise, when he won’t budge in his own thinking. I won’t settle for a not so happy relationship for the sake of being in one. I won’t settle for the “lets go with the flow”, when knowing the flow isn’t guaranteed.  I won’t settle for a man who denies his kids to be with me. And I definitely won’t settle for a man that doesn’t belong to me.
Why am I single? Well, because…. I choose to be.

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