Elsie Augustave’s “The Roving Tree”

7 Mar

Cornbread and Cremasse

The following is an excerpt from Elsie Augustave’s novel, “The Roving Tree” a novel about the cross-cultural adoption of Iris, a five year old Haitian girl.  ELSIE AUGUSTAVE, a native of Haiti, graduated from Middlebury College and Howard University with degrees in foreign language and literature. Aside from her academic achievements, she trained as a dancer and performed at various community theaters prior to choreographing Elima Ngando, a major production for the prestigious National Dance Theater of Zaire. Novelists Edwidge Danticat and Lorna Goodison referred to her work as a milestone and to the author as an important literary voice worth listening to. “The Roving Tree” is Augustave’s debut novel. http://elsieaugustave.com.

Elsie Augustave-photo

After what seemed like a very long ride, John pulled into the garage of a redbrick house with brown-trimmed Tudor windows. I admired the slender drooping branches of a tree and the cut grass that was so unlike the…

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