Kitchen Experiments

7 Mar

Taste Buds Required

I was quite proud of myself this week. It’s still cold, and I really wanted to make Bouyon (Haitian Beef Stew). I had been looking for a recipe for quite some time to replicate what I remember getting in my mother’s kitchen or from friends. Alas, the internet disappointed me on this one. Perhaps it was a spelling issue, but I couldn’t find one single recipe that even came close to what I thought was right. So I decided to wing it.

It was fantastic! To be fair, I have no idea if it comes close to the traditional stew, but it was a fine beef stew either way, so I’m posting it.

Like with any soup or stew, you can probably throw in your favorite vegetables that I didn’t list here. The traditional version calls for a few root vegetables that I’m not a fan of (such as malanga…

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