Never Look Down On Anyone, Unless You’re Helping Them Up.

7 Mar

The Rule of Opposites

Sometimes I wonder about the power of spells, voodoo, and all those dark forces that go around through hearsay and television but hardly ever are seen first hand. Can they be part of the rule of opposites, set by society to ingrain fear into the lives of people or are they a real force to be reckoned with, playing out in so many phases of people’s lives?

The most famous and probably the most common one is “Evil Eye.” Everyone knows it has a power and does exist, but the mechanics behind it are so mysterious, and to what extent does it work is just as mysterious. It makes me wonder many questions including ones like how does one know if he/she has some kind of Evil Eye placed on themselves and why is this force so mysterious yet well known? It’s unbelievable that at this day and age, when…

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