The Lost Boys of the Louvre

7 Mar

Deux plaques et un micro-ondes

It all started with an innocent conversation at break time. I casually mentioned that, despite having gone to Paris whenever I felt rich, cultural or simply bored, I’d not yet been to the Louvre.

‘Oh’ says the well-meaning teacher, ‘we’re going next monday. Why don’t you come with us? It’ll be a great way for you to experience it, we’ve got a guided tour, you’ll have a wonderful time. You can be in charge of a group – I’ll give you a small one, easy children, they won’t get lost, it’ll be fun. You don’t work on a monday anyway, so really, what have you got to lose?’

Everyone knows that a speech like that is tempting fate. By mid afternoon on monday, as I was standing in the middle of the Louvre trying to keep forty french kids quiet while the other adults roamed the museum frantically searching for…

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