12 Mar

On Friday. March 7th 2014 I attended the Pre-event sponsored by Gotham stages hosted by Fashion Week Brooklyn in Green point, Brooklyn. The Event was all the way live with flashy blue lights and exclusive decor by Creative Engineering . This event actually sparked off the start of the Fashion Week in Brooklyn starting March 13th. While the event was in progress, attendees had the opportunity to mix, take photos at the Shoot Brooklyn booth, drink and  receive manicures amoungst other things. I also ran into the beautiful Ketta Vaughn while she beat the faces of the models before they took to the runway. Though the fashion from Everything Brooklyn was new and full of Brooklyn attitude, I must be honest some of the models needed a bit more practice. The good thing ass that the Brooklyn T-shirts designed by Jamal Smith, were bold enough to stand alone despite the models amateur walk on the Runway. The show was dope and seeing how Singer/ Model Etsy Roe worked the runway it brought some spunk. I look forward to the week’s fashion with Fashion Week Brooklyn!

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