If You Want to Succeed, Reach Out!

22 Mar

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If You Want to Succeed, Reach Out!

residential tile and grout“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 

My dad used to tell me that, especially when viewing the apparent success of others.  On occasion, I would sense a slight tone of negativity in his voice, as if to say, they only got ahead because of who they knew.  I can still hear his voice in my ear, as if it was yesterday.

The sad thing is, he was aware of the principle, but he never practiced what he preached. And perhaps for someone like my dad, there was no apparent need, or value, in knowing the right person. He believed, and quite rightly, that we should be blessed on our own merit. It was the belief he held, that the “old boy” network was nothing more than using people, which may explain his apprehension. 

This well worn saying, is still thrown…

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