Confessions of a Work-a-Holic: I’m Cheating On My Partner With My Business

24 Mar

S I X +

workaholicAs an entrepreneur we spend many sleepless nights working on our business, but a great entrepreneur knows how to work just enough  to avoid burning themselves out. No matter the state of your business (good or bad) it’s always great to have that one person you can vent to and share accomplishments with.
Here are a few tips that will allow you balance your business and love life: 
  •  Include your partner in your brainstorming process. 
For your next project instead of secluding yourself  from the world, cuddle with an old school pencil and notepad and ask your partner for their advice about something pertaining to your project. Potentially they can help you flush through your ideas. You don’t necessarily have to take all their ideas but including them in the process will make them feel apart of what you do and it provides some more “together” time.
  • Invite…

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