29 Mar

How many people land a Job doing what they love to do and get the chance to meet amazing people? well, I had that opportunity when I was hired by Ericka Dotson of Indique Hair for the Flag Ship location in Soho, NY. Working there I learned that hair was not only a hobby it was a career for me. Working at Indique Hair groomed me in many ways, I learned how to be fashionable, apply make up and how to pick the best hair. I looked to Ericka and the rest of the staff for advice on going to school or handling difficult customers. Though I have been doing hair since I was in Middle School, as I worked at Indique as a Sales Consultant I was unable to do much but sale and refer to Partner Stylists. When I decided to go to Cosmetology School, I received support from Ericka, the Marketing Staff, fellow Liaisons, Partner Stylists and loyal clients. It made since to further my education in Hair and beauty, since so many people valued my knowledge on hair products.

Screenshot_2014-03-27-16-03-35-1After a few months passed going to school as a part-time student, it began to conflict with my work schedule and had to make a decision. Do I stay unlicensed and continue working as a customer liaison or Do I quit, get licensed and freelance? Those questions ran circles in my head for another few months, until I made my decision. I pursued my license in Cosmetology and left Indique. It was bitter sweet but I had to put my career first. After leaving I stayed in contact with most of the staff, which made it feel like I never left. Like any job you leave it will be a little awkward and iffy but when you are a good worker who has also put the company’s best interest first, only good things can come.

I wasn’t only into hair, I also founded a non-profit Yadestiny Treasure Chest, Inc. that provides clothing for underprivileged children and was trying to also get a handle on that. But I seem to be getting recognition for both hair and philanthropy. I graduated and 4 months later received my  Cosmetology License. So excited I shared the news with Ms. Dotson, it  was encouraging to have her reply to my text with: “that’s amazing!So Proud of you! You go Karyne!”. Many ex-employees aren’t privileged with receiving a Congrats from their former bosses, but that wasn’t the case with Indique. I was also asked to work with them on a few assignments as a hairstylist. Just think, if I would have never pursued my license this would not have occurred. My life after Indique is really not a life without Indique. I am now a Partner Stylist and have always remained an Indiquenista! Screenshot_2014-03-27-16-03-12-1 Screenshot_2014-03-27-16-02-50-1

Words of advice to anyone who is thinking of leaving a job, don’t leave on a bad note. Be true to yourself and do your work to the best until the end. It doesn’t pay to burn bridges, cause you never know who will present you with an opportunity in the future.


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