BLACK WOMEN IN MEDIA: Celebrating Pioneers Panel and Award Ceremony

1 Apr


On Saturday, March 29, 2014 anyone who was anyone made there way to the Black Women in Media event hosted by Bravo’s Africa Miranda and Uptown Unplugged’s Ashlei Stevens. This event was put together by the founder Judith Jacques to celebrate the Pioneers with an award ceremony and panel segment. Held at the Le Skyroom at French Institute Alliance Francaise the venue accommodate everyone nicely and gave it an exclusive feel. Once in I was greeted by friendly faces and fed by Trust in Us Catering every five minutes.I was also excited to see my dear friend Emmy award winning makeup artist Julia Jovone, take her seat on the panel and receive her Black Women in Media juliajovone_1396282944421-1award.  It was definitely a mixed crowd of eager and willing young professionals looking to learn from the strategically hand picked panelists. The Panels were broken down as the Pioneer Panel, Health/Wellness& Beauty Panel, Mass Communications Panel and the TV and Lifestyle Panel. Knowledge pour gracefully out of the women that spoke in each panel. As I was seated during the discussion, I witnessed as the audience listened attentively and took notes.

20140329_193248Kudos to Judith  Jacques for bringing this much needed vision to life. The message I received was a multitude of information regarding the pressures of being a black woman in media and the value of a mentor. Going to the event I expected hear how to get in the game, but after the event I learned that its not always about “you” but its rather about the entire community of black women who you represent. The wisdom that spilled out of NY1’s anchor woman Cheryl Wills, was exceptional. Having much value, I let her word stick to the Rib. The two youngest of the panel Shante Bacon and Yoli Ouiya also possessed great knowledge with the industries they were in, Communications and Health. One common denominator among the panel besides being Black Women in Media, was the fact they held God on high.  It just showed how much God is needed in the success of every individual. And just when we thought it was over we were all serenaded by the sweet voice of recording artist Esnavi. To have Esnavi close was just the cherry on top of a beautiful pie. This event was very successful in what it intended to accomplish, which was for those who are trying to get in or are already in the industry to receive a wealth of information from those who have gained renowned success in their respective fields. This event is just the first of many to come, view the video below for a sneak peek.


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