1 Apr

bad breath

Your breath is kicking! Well, who really thinks they are able to tell someone that? Many people feel as if its rude to tell a friends, significant other or employer/employee that their breath makes their nose curl. I do feel like bad breath just kills the mood. Questions come to mind like: Don’t they have a tooth brush? Do they use tooth paste? How does the person they kiss deal with it? Can they smell their own breath? Yes, these are some of the same questions I have asked myself.

But the real question is how to get them to have better breath around you without hurting their feelings? Easy! Always bring extra gum or breath mints where ever you go and offer them some. If they refuse here’s how you do it:

You: Hey I just bought these new mints, suppose to last all day. I wanted to try them out. Try them I want your feed back.

Bad Breath Friend: Okay, let me try.


You: Its been a long day girl/man both of our breaths are hot, good thing I brought my mints. Here you go.

Bad Breath Friend: Fareal, well thanks, good looking out.

Try these tactics and let me know how successful you have been, Good Luck! and hope you no longer have a bad breath friend/Boss/Partner.


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