8 Apr



On Saturday, April 5, 2014 I was invited to the 2Dare 2Be Confident ” Let Me Be Great” fashion show held near Wall street in New York City. I was greeted at the entrance by staff who were more than welcoming, during the check in. I have to say I was really impressed with the location and the decor for the anticipated show.  I was directed to sit in the second row directly behind the family of Kristin Suggs the Founder of 2 Dare 2 Be movement.  Kristin, her Partner and Best Friend Chris and Founder of Money Train took to the stage to explain the event and why the event was put together. 20140405_202223The night was dedicated for the young ladies that sat behind me from Brownsville’s academy. A way to build confidence to help prevent bullying was the theme of the night. The show kicked off with an award ceremony where Kristin and the President of 2 Dare 2Be called individuals unto the stage to receive their awards.  The Flawless award was given to both  Ashley Warner and Fatima Latrell, the Confidence award was given Jazmine Marbel(Baby sister to Kristin) and Tamila Mulliann(aspiring Plus size Model), and the last award was given to Christopher Waye. I could tell that it was a great moment for the staff and team of  2 Dare 2 Be for this being the first ” Let Me Be Great” Fashion show for the girls at the Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville , Brooklyn, NY founded by Principal Maria Lopez. The show started promptly after host Madison Jaye of WBLS  took the stage in a beautiful red dress, and announced the first designer Keli couture. Before Madison Jaye left the stage she turned to the Mott Hall bridge academy girls and gave them a motivational speech, stating that she never thought she would be on a stage hosting and that they should never settleThe  Keli Couture collection was a small  but it was very detailed and different. The audience seemed to love each piece that made its way down the runway.  I also enjoined the performance by the Violinist who rocked the stage with his talented mix. I definitely enjoyed myself during the whole show. To my surprise as sat and watched the second designer Style Number’s Line took to the stage I noticed my beautiful friend Franseca. She gave life to the all black spandex piece that was put on her. Once the show commenced the entire group of girls from the Mott Hall Bridge academy walked across the stage with so much confidence. Taking Pictures and posing showed how much these girls appreciated the love and support from the 2 Dare 2 Be Confident campaign, especially since the group was awarded $500 to help them continue their efforts Saturday night.

I finally had the chance to meet Kristin and must say the Model like image that embraced me was just such a sweet spirit. She was so caring as she asked if I was finding everything all right, while handing me a gift bag filed with 2 Dare 2 Be items. I truly felt that this event was the first of many amazing ones to come for the movement. Join the movement and Dare 2 Be Confident! 

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