8 Apr


When we date as women we come off acting like we are perfect. How many women think its okay to use the bathroom in their boyfriend’s house. Well as I surveyed many women, I have found that most women are not comfortable with doing number 2 around their men. Even though its a normal and natural thing to do, we usually just like to keep that to ourselves. Men, just so you know yes women do use the bathroom.

I will like to share a time I had to go and I was at my boyfriend’s home.  Well, we were sleeping and when around 5am hit I knew he would be sleep. I woke up snuck into the bathroom, I finished  and I hopped in the shower to make it seem like that was the only thing I did. And that happened for the whole week I was there.

Just know that I’m not the only woman that hides the fact that she uses the bathroom.  There are some females that hold it in until they leave and go home. It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, taking a poop just isn’t something that is talked about.

If you can relate to this Taboo please comment and share!


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