Thoughts of A(n): Entrepreneur

10 Apr

No body knows what its like to be inside the mind of an entrepreneur. Yes it seems like its all fun and games but anyone who is an entrepreneur knows that its the hardest thing to do in life. When you leave a 9-5 job and become your own boss, you take on a 24/7. Sleepless nights and setbacks is all you seem to know. There are times when my phone is on the verge of being caught off and I don’t even know how I will pay that bill. There are even times I’m depending on a client to come through and they end up canceling. Sucks sometimes to be a Boss with no workers.

These are the ways I deal with being an entrepreneur to keep from giving up:

No Food = Fasting

No Phone= time to clear my mind, silence

No Transportation= Walking is healthy

No Shopping= I love my vintage clothing

No salon= Going natural is in

No Movies= Reading is fundamental, Bible is free

These are some great ways for you to make any of your hard times become good times. No one said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it. When I think about giving up, I reflect on what if I did? where would I go? There is nothing left for an entrepreneur but to go up. Sometimes you get a setback by a door closing or a scam artists taking you for a ride, but with ever glitch there are opportunities to learn. For all things are done to you or for you for a reason. Taking the good with out the bad is like taking the sun without the rain…. nothing grows on dry land.


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