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This new beauty and singer out in LA is DEQN SUE. I got the opportunity to interview DEQN SUE on April 14, 2014 even with me being in New York. You can get from the youthful singer that there is a humility and grace about her that the world desperately needs.

HBK: Do you think the Music Industry is missing a sound like yours?

DEQN SUE:YES! I think artists should always have their own voice and I like to flirt with keeping a musical balance of simple and classic with modern nuances.

HBK: Who do people usually compare your sound to?

DEQN SUE:Although I have my own unique sound, it’s definitely a common compliment I receive to be compared to Kelis and Janelle Monae.

HBK: What or who do you use as your muse when writing your music?

DEQN SUE:My constant muse is a BIC blue ballpoint pen and a ratty black and white composition book. A blank sheet of lined paper and seeing inspiration in all things make for amazing possibilities.

HBK: Why did you want to cover “Change the World”? What does the song mean to you?

DEQN SUE:Eric Clapton’s, “Change the World” is one of my favorite tunes and it’s one of those songs that really make you believe you truly can change the world and do better and I think everyone wants to feel that at some point.

HBK: When people hear your music what would you want then to take from it?

DEQN SUE:My music comes from a place of aspiring to inspire and ultimately I think we should always seek to be better as people, better to each other, and better to the environment.

HBK: How long have you been singing?

DEQN SUE:I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been singing. That love affair started many moons ago. I’ve always been drawn to singing and performing and my parents fostered that passion.

HBK:What projects are you working on now?

DEQN SUE:Currently putting finishing touches on my debut full-length album, “Zeitgeist”, due to release July 2014.dqs

For more on DEQN SUE and her new album be sure to follow her at & onWebsite: DEQNSUE.COM – Twitter: @DEQNSUE – Facebook: DEQN SUE – Instagram: @DQS 


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