15 Apr

jenniferlopezdiddy30472611The unforgettable Ex is someone we all wish we could get over but can’t. Everyone knows the romance between Puffy and J.LO and how it ended. But as we ourselves fall in love and breakup, we know that the love never really disappears. As we live separate lives from the one we let get away, family and friends walk on egg shells trying not to mention their names. When the truth is that we still think about the unforgettable Ex that made us laugh, cry and love them beyond measure. The crazy thing about love is that the memories keep the hurting to a minimum but at the same time it delays the healing. With Puffy or P.Diddy you can clearly see that he isn’t over J.Lo with his replacement Cassie who, to me, resembles  and has similar characteristics as J.Lo.

Honestly we all have that one guy or girl that we think about constantly even when we tell our friends we have moved on. Well, especially if the person broke up with you and you are left without any closure, knowing that in their presence the chemistry is still strong. The Taboo about the unforgettable Ex is the fact that no one wants to admit that the love is still there, for someone who is no longer here.

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