22 Apr


No one wants to admit that they hate cleaning and I am sorry to say but I hate cleaning. It’s not that I don’t clean or anything like that.  When people think about getting a place to live they say a big home. Not me! I want a Condo or an Apartment in a building with a doorman. Why? well, I won’t have to worry about cleaning a backyard that gets messed up with every storm or maintenance around the house. When you have a house you have to deal with water, a boiler, lawn, roof, pipes just so much not to mention all the rooms yo will need to clean and make sure is in good condition. Especially hurricanes and other flooding possibilities. Just my perspective but give me an apartment with a great view and a doorman, and I’m happy!

Taboo Tuesday today is about how people who own homes won’t talk about the headaches it comes with. Don’t be fooled everyone!


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