29 Apr



This week I find that a lot of people don’t usually talk about online dating but many use it. I have recently had a discussion about online dating with a couple who have actually met off of the site OK Cupid. I once thought that online dating was for people that have low self esteem or just players. From talking with the couple, I have had a change of heart. They explained that it was very convenient for them to create an online profile that would help find an individual that matched their interests. Right now the couple is loving each other. They both model, are beautiful and happen to be of the opposite race. Their personality, even I could see that it was a perfect match.

They both convinced me to open my own account. That night I created a profile for myself and I must say I find it to be easier to find someone to match you, than finding someone on the streets. On the street, men seem to take longer to say what they want. Online I can see if someone is looking for a fling, short- term or long-term relationship. I have noticed that I have had white men also sending me messages, to me on the street white guys don’t seem to talk let alone say they’re interested. Yes, it’s definitely a Taboo to talk about online dating even when so many people stay online… ie. Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.


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