6 May


Today I would like to just say I find that going natural is okay but they fail to warn you about the process.  I have been natural and I will be honest when  I say its not for everyone. If you have very coarse(means thick strands) and tightly coiled hair, its not a pleasant feeling. No one tells you that bugs

and lent start to settle in you hair or that you have to constantly fluff up the back of your hair. Well, I’m telling you! At night it takes forever to two strand twist or braid you hair just to have it look decent in the morning.  How about, that it requires way more maintenance and moisture? Yes, curly hair dries out fast and must always be hydrated.  And lastly,  it hurts! Combing through some kinky curls can leave you with a migraine and popping a few asprins.

So, today I posted about what no one really talks about, Going Natural.

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