13 May

before marriage

Today’s Taboo is about having sex before marriage. Why have society steered away from the traditional ways of Marriage before carriage? Men are so wrapped up into having to see if the sex is good before giving her a ring. Do you sample a gallon of milk before buying? Do you taste the sandwich before leaving the deli with it? well why should it differ when it comes to love? There is no greater sex then making love to someone who equally loves you. When men start looking for someone that is worth raising their kids and being there for them unconditionally, they would stop getting into these headache situations that their nuts can’t get them out of. If every girl slept with a man before Marrying them, then they would have a wrap sheet a mile long. Guy want to have a good girl that sleeps around? I though you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife? Well, I’m not saying that sometimes you  won’t slip up and they slip in, but it should not be a requirement.


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