Back to the Dating Board: First Date

31 May

So I have been out of the dating scene for more than  5 years and now that I am single again its been somewhat of a challenge. Trying to get someone’s attention on the street has not been too successful. I shared my frustrations and interests with a new friend and she suggest to go on an online dating site. It worked for her and her new relationship so I gave it a shot.

I set up an account and finally got the results I wanted. I took interest in the guys who read my profile and matched me almost perfectly. This to me weeded out all the losers and super freaks. So to get to the point I set up a date with a white guy from Sweden. As the days grew closer to the day we set, I became more and more nervous for more than one reason. first things, it was my first online date and second it was my first time dating a white man. Of course, family and friends offered to come with for some protection. But as I thought more about it, I said to myself I am nearly 30, I can do this Im grown. lol.

As I stood at the spot to meet him, I wondered: what if he doesn’t look like his picture? What if he is short? What if he has a goofy walk? what if we don’t have the chemistry? Then he showed up! He was exactly what I liked. Tall, polite, swag, and so much chemistry we could melt the sidewalk. He led the way to a lounge where we ordered a drink, my wine and his beer. The location was in East Village, NY, very comfortable and romantic setting. we sat across from each other. I was still nervous but no red flags went off. He continued to ask me questions about what I thought and telling me how extremely cute I was. I sat there thinking, wow I am on a date with a blue eye’d, blond haired white guy from Sweden, and the thought made me smile. I just feel in love with his smile and accent.

As we talked more, I could sense the kind of person he was. He took my left hand in his and I just melted. I don’t know why but I remained cool and collected. For more on my first date be sure to subscribe……..



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