3 Jun

Hi, everyone I’m back with Part 3 of my first online date. for those of you who are reading about my first date for the first time I suggest you stop now and go back and read part 1 and 2 first. I promise I will wait for you to get up to speed………

Okay so as I left off and left you all hanging in Part 2, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking lol. My Swedish guy, stood there tall and watching me as I fixed my lips to answer his question: Do I want to come up? (Now guys some of you know me and how I am, but honestly I don’t even know myself…. so how do you think this played out? …. don’t drink and date, people.) Well, I looked at him, then to the door and back to him and said, “sure”. He of course, was happy and shocked at me agreeing to come up.  I really didn’t want the night to end, did I mention I didn’t see any red flags. Well, we walked up stairs in to the building, he took the lead towards his apartment door.

He unlocked the door and we entered the high ceiling, wooden floor apartment. He introduced me to his roommate and his room mate’s girlfriend. I guess the fact that I went up stairs he might have thought he would be getting some chocolate loving, lmbo well not at all , because he escorted me straight to his room. I seen a single chair near a dresser facing his bed. (duhduhdun). He took his shirt off….. lol off the chair so I could sit. He sat on the edge of his bed and smiled at me. I looked at him and told him, ” I hope you know nothing is going to happen”. He replied saying, I know. I followed up with, so what else do you want to know about me?” At this time I was I guess looking very cute (as usual) lol. well he stood up and walked towards me and bent down and started to kiss me. Yes, we went at it again. After a long minute, he stood up and looked like his back was ache from bending. He grabbed my hand and I stood up.

At this point I seen no harm in sitting on the bed, he joined me but not before taking off his sweater leaving on an undershirt. He grabbed his pillow and placed it under his head. I followed and used his other pillow to brace my self up as I laid on my side facing him. (You got the visual? good) So we talked some more. I honestly can’t remember what we were talking about except that I told him what I found out about him. I found that he was touchy and extremely affectionate. When I said touchy, he snatched back him hand and said sorry. I touched his face and said it’s okay. (I just had to touch his facial hair). We were like teenagers, couldn’t stop from kissing. I placed my hand on his chest and asked him why his heart was beating so fast. He said he didn’t know but of course he said , since I touched his chest, he asked to feel my heart too. Lmbo. I said try again, lol nope. We spoke about tattoos and he asked to see where mine were, you know I couldn’t just give it all to him on the first date. So I explained that he would be able to see them on another date. ( Don’t think dirty people, its on my upper back near my neck and my feet.

After rolling around on the bed, making out lol. He asked if I wanted to call it a night. I said yes, but we never got up. lol we started kissing again. Well this happened about 3 times. The third time we just laughed and got up.  He put back on him sneakers and stood near a mirror on the dresser. I handed him his sweater and he thanked me as he slipped it over his head. I straightened myself up and walked over to him. He faced me toward the mirror with me in his arms and we smiled. How cute, I know.  I was blushing so hard as we walked out saying good bye to his roommate and girlfriend. We stood outside and took in a deep breath, and he took my hand in his as we walked to the train station. I must say that he was a man, I could feel how strong and confident he was with me. We got to the train but he couldn’t let me leave without pulling me in close, grabbing my waist and planting a last kiss on me.  I thought to myself, now that’s how you say goodbye. I  broke out of his embrace with a gentle touch to his chest. I went down the stairs and looked at him just as he looked back at me and I simply melted.

I couldn’t wait until I got home to replay the entire date in my mind again. It was the longest train ride ever! We texted in the morning that we liked each other and set a date for our next date. For more on this Journey be sure to follow my blog and Learn what will happen on our second date.

Thank you so much!!!



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