5 Jun

What so many have been waiting for…. my second date post.  Warning: You can’t read about my second date until you read the 3 parts of my first date . Well, in my previous posting I wrote about my experience with this blue eye’d, blond haired, tall white guy from Sweden with facial hair. So far it has been getting super spicy like fried chicken with some hot sauce..lmbo . Just a recap:  We drank, kissed, held hands, went to his place and made out some more and no red flags went off. Okay, now with that being stated, I got ready for our second date. This time we planned to go to the movies like the first time but that didn’t work out as planned on the first date. I wanted to see X-men.. I know it might not be the best for a date but hey I wanted to finally see it!

I wore a loose shear shirt, tank underneath, nice fitted pants and flats( yes flats I was not about that train and potential walking life in no heels). I promise I was looking right. I curled my hair (on the first date I had Janet box braids) I texted him confirming 9pm at Union Square and he responded “yes I will be there, just been drinking  and celebrating with some friends”. I replied, “don’t get drunk”. I am not about that drinking life. so my motto after our first date is ” don’t drink and date”. It was 8:25pm so I made my way to the train station to meet him in the city.

I arrived at union square at 9:02pm because the train had issues, but still 2 minutes is still on time. My heart started to race from the though of meeting him in another space, like Union Square. I turned my phone on to text him as I turned the corner towards the movie theater, didn’t want to have him thinking I’m about that B.P.time (Black people time- Late). I’m usually always early or on time. I texted but no response, I decided to call. But the phone rang out… if you don’t know when a phone rings out it means someone let it ring out. I was very disappointed, thinking did he just stand my cute as a button self up? And then I got a text back saying he is running 5 minutes late…. it was already 9:07pm so guess it was more than 5 minutes.. smh. well I waited for him in the lobby….would you consider that a red flag?….. for more on my Second date be sure to follow my blog and subscribe.


Thank you for taking this new journey with me.


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