HBK HAIR FACTS: Hair Nets for Sewins

16 Jun


So it’s only right that since I am a licensed professional Cosmetologist.. specializing in Hair weaves and braiding, that I present to you with Hair Facts . So many of my new clients have been complaining about hair loss and wondering why their hair are not growing like it use to. Well, most time its because of the sew in technique their hairstylists are using on them. This post will be mainly on Hair Nets. A lot of hairstylists suggest that clients use the Hair nets because they say its safer for the hair and that it keeps them from sewing directly on the natural hair. This is a lie!

The net is mesh and has to be sewn directly around the clients hair hair line braided and then the weave (extensions) are sewn on the net still on to and through the braids underneath. The net is only beneficial to the stylist not the client. When you are wearing a net, it leaves no room for your hair to breathe or receive hydration. When washing your hair with a net installed it helps trap soap suds and prevents the hair to dry properly. Your hair will then tangle with its self and the ridiculous amount of thread used to secure the extensions. The only time the net is okay is when you have already a hair loss condition like severe alopecia. But even times this will worsen the condition, if they are no areas to treat the scalp.

I have taken down a few clients installs that were subjected to the net and every time was the same out comes.. knots and massive hair loss. FYI: naturally humans shed 100 strands per day. so if we loss that many hair stands and then keep a net on for more than 2 months we are trapping shedding hair with growing hair causing a hurtful and tangled mess. Ever since my clients have chosen me they have witness HEALTHY Hair growth. You should not HAVE to wear a weave, you should WANT to. My clients appreciate honest, and a hairstylist willing to come to them.. MY clients love the fact that they can be comfortable in their own homes while getting their hair done. For more on HBK Hair Fact subscribe to my blog and for more on my services text 657-666-1985…. “Treat your hair , don’t Trick your Hair.”


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