18 Jun

hair glue

It’s time we talked about the effects of glue ins and who uses it. Well, as a licensed professional  hair stylist I have learned a lot about the horrible effects of using hair glue. In the past, I have used hair glue because it was cheaper and easier to do than sewing in extensions. Cheaper isn’t always cheaper in the long run though. After, much usage of glue I experienced hair loss and lots of glue residue in my hair and combs. It was the worst thing ever, especially in the summer!

Many stylist tell there clients that they have to use hair glue to lay their top tracks flat. That is a lie! If you are a skilled stylist and care for your clients’ hair, you will be able to braid small enough to make a weave install look and feel natural. I have ran into many clients, that have been told that glue is necessary and now when working with them they truly notice the difference and know the truth. The top of one of my client’s head was very short and experienced a lot of breakage from using an extensive amount of glue with her old stylist, she said she was ashamed and didn’t think her hair would ever grow. After installing a full head sew-in for her, she couldn’t believe how flat it laid, but more importantly when it was time to take out her hair, she was amazed at how much it grew. It’s not about making a quick buck, its about doing hair, making it look natural and help with the growth of healthy hair.

There is never an easy way of taking out glued in weaves, braiding small and neat will have a better feel, look and last way longer than some cheap glue. Women, if you value your hair, understand that you will have to spend a little money to keep it healthy. don’t trick your hair, treat your hair. I can’t tell you how many women I meet that have let friends or family members put in a few tracks in for them. Yes, it looks nice right now, but its when you take it out, that’s the problem. Placing glue directly on you scalp, clog your scalp and suffocates your hair follicles. Placing the glued track on your hair, makes it very easy for multiple breakage and difficult removal. If you do not like sew-ins then try braidless sew-ins, a method of micro beading or the tape method. The only time glue is okay , is for a cap to make a wig… never good for your hair!

These days glue is a sign of being broke and soon to be bald. For more on Hair facts subscribe to my blog and contact me if you would like to make a hair appointment 657-666-1985 or check out my hair services in NY. Remember you can’t control most things in life, but you can control what happens to your hair.



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