24 Jun

metor card in use

Has anyone realized that more and more money is being spent on paying for Metro cards in NYC? Today I wanted to talk about the fact that wages are the same for the last 5 years but a monthly metro card has went from $30 to $104 and soon to go up again. what are we doing as a society, just sitting back and dying. Living from pay check to Pay check. By the way a weekly metro card is now $30, this is so crazy. The transit system will continue to win because we depend on the service they provide no matter how much it sucks. No security and clean anything! If people are subjected to pay so much every year, there should be more offered instead of interrupted weekend schedules and faulty signals. Bus drivers are not being supervised, if they were they wouldn’t be so late running behind each other causing a longer wait time. I don’t know about you but I actually read the bus schedule and rely on it.

I do agree with charging for new metro cards, because it does help decrease trash. People are holding on to their metro cards for dear life now. I just wanted to talk about something no one seems to mention anymore, Metro Cards. When it gets to be to much I will be walking or staying home.


If you have any comments on Metro Cards and how it helps or hurts please do so. Also, Subscribe and share this blog with others. Love ya!

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