HBK Confessions: Beyonce’s Flawless Remix hmmmmmm

5 Aug

 I love me some Beyonce and Even Nicki but this collaboration was sorry to say but an epic fail! The beat and lyrics were all over the place and to me this just depreciated the value of Beyonce. I looked at Beyonce as someone that was on legendary status and now well… a joke. Nicki’s whole image has been a joke and it works for her. No shade thrown anyone’s way but I felt if Queen Bey would have chosen someone to create and share a hit record with, it would have been Queen B aka Lil’ Kim. Why? Well because Kim was original and legendary. Plus she’s from Brooklyn. Beyonce is always representing Brooklyn and it would have been an exciting record to want to hear. Two Queens on one track! Why not? Both Queen B’s would really have been a must have record. Well That’s my take on the sound and the direction Bey should have taken. Also, the lyrics were very abc and not at all something I would listen to twice.

#tellitLikeitis #truthfulTuesdays


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