Back to the Dating Board: Going Poland Strong

12 Nov

Good day everyone one I know it has been a while since I have last updated you with how my dating has gone. Well I am back and since my last post….. I was in a short lived relationship with a guy from Mexico, started dating a guy from Israel and now I am a really good feeling I like him he likes me .. we make out kind of friendship with a hot guy from Poland…. I mean I drink Poland spring water but I did think I would be kissing someone from there…lol.


I have gotten some people in my ear like girl you and this swirling… well for those of you who have a problem with me loving every shade under the sun…. I am not black, I am a Christian and that means I get to love everyone regardless of their skin color.. I love cultures and learning from someone that can show me new things, places and languages. Okay so since I am done with my back to the dating board post.. please be sure to follow my new posts… The Funnies of an interracial couple


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