The Funnies of an Interracial Couple: Kissing

12 Nov

If you are a black woman and have never kissed a white guy or a white man who has never kissed a black girl or even if you have .. you should and will know what I mean when I write… there is a special way to kiss. yeah you are reading this like” huh?” Well, I have started dating a guy who is from Poland and yes he has a straight nose, I have a small button nose (I like to think) and when we kissed for the first time it was so weird to kiss like I have been used to when kissing my exes (they were all black and one Mexican) . If we kissed head on, his nose would poke my nose and bend being uncomfortable for the both of us. So we had to tilt our heads in opposite directions (like birds would do) to get a good position. He is an awesome kisser by the way! Just this new “side way kissing” is going to take some getting used to.. I hope my neck doesn’t start hurting!

Well, hope you take this and put this into consideration when you end up dating someone with a straighter nose or if you both have straight noses.. This is somethings no one tells you.. so I do… For more on The Funnies of an Interracial Couple please be sure to follow and Subscribe to —>>


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