The Funnies Of An Interracial Couple: White Man turns Brown

14 Nov


So you are wondering how is this possible. How can a White man or boy turn brown? Well its pretty simple. So let me start off with saying thank you for tuning in and reading my Funnies! It’s greatly appreciated. Okay so here it goes….. I went to see my boo thang who happens to be a Polish White Fine Assss…Paragus man (I don’t curse so I use Asparagus instead of just saying A**), so of course you know I was beat to capacity lol. I did my makeup lol in other words! Keep in mind I am a darker shade of brown and I used a liquid foundation and it was a little warm out 🙂 . When I seen him my heart just melted and we hugged as usual. We made out and when we paused and stared in to each others eyes, I smiled. Not because I was blushing but because the tip of his nose and side of his face was Brown. Lmbo my makeup rubbed off on his face and I didn’t say anything until like an hour later when more of my brown makeup got on his face. I looked up at him while we waited for the light to change and wiped his face. He asked why I did that and that’s when I had to confess, ” my makeup got on you”. Instead of just saying thank you and dropping it, he took his finger and touched my face and seen it had foundation on it and asked why so much? ( The nerve of him!!! ) lol I just calmly replied.. it’s not a lot it’s just a liquid one.

I had to think, when you and your partner are same shade of skin color you wouldn’t notice things like this. Well, I hope you found today’s Funnies of an Interracial Couple pretty funny, cause I sure did! If you like it, love it, Don’t understand it but dig it, please comment  and/or follow my blog at and subscribe for updates on more funny moments. Love comes in all shades XoXoX!

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