The Funnies of An Interracial couple: a couple that braids together stays together

16 Nov



braid interracial


Good Day my beautiful ladies and gents…. so I have been on this exciting ride. My past relationships have been truly sweet and sour but so far getting to know my Polish Man,, it’s been a box of surprises. So One day me and my boo went to the High Line in New York. Everyone was all boo’d up and all, so it was pretty hard to find a seat. We looked for a nice private bench to sit and talk (yes.. sit and talk) hahaha.. At the time I had my long Janet box braids and he loved them. I asked him what are you looking at? and he said like your hair. I said oohhh thank you. I explained to him that it was braided on to my hair because he was so amazed it was not my hair. Shocking … he said oh braiding that’s easy. I looked at him like “what you know about braiding being easy?” He said the girls back in Poland used to braid all the time in school. So I thought to myself let him prove it. So I started unbraiding on of my braids half way, and said, ” Okay babe show me how you would braid this” (so crazy) He took the hair and divided it in three strands slowly and started braiding! I fell in love right then and there, before he finished the braid I just went in for a kiss. Like he is the best. Okay why I say this is because I am a licensed Cosmetologist and I specialize in braiding, so for me to meet a man who knows how to braid and happens to be Polish(Well White) that’s pretty rare and awesome. So look out for Youtube videos in the future with him in it braiding lol.

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