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The Queen is Back: Solange wedding was Epic

18 Nov

I haven’t seen such a beautiful rendition of a Royal Wedding. Solange definitely broke the internet with her all white wedding, where she wore an off white pants suit with a gorgeous trail. I don’t know if I was the only one that though Jay-z had to be there. If Jay-Z didn’t come, it would be all over the tabloids about the reason he didn’t show etc. So good decision in rocking your all white Jay- Z. I love Beyonce, but even for Beyonce her dress didn’t do anything for her. Simple white sleeveless dress.. well I was just floored by Solange and her mother Tina Knowles. They killed the looks, and revived their inner African Queens. Solange, Son and Blue Ivy rocking fros. One just couldn’t help but wonder where was Papa Knowles 😦 , still a beautiful family!

Although Solange nailed the Wedding, the pressure must have gotten to her. She broke out in the worst way with hives. I am hoping she is able to get that under control and enjoy her honey moon. I guess when you have to change like 3 times, ride a bike, dance in the street for 10 blocks and have Jay-Z around you, I could understand the break out.

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27 May

thinking guy

So many people avoid talking about their sexual preferences but they know that, that’s all they truly worry about. That sexy man over there that you are staring at, I am pretty sure you aren’t thinking “what a beautiful mind and heart he has” or that beautiful girl is not really making your brain stimulate. Human nature is a sexual nature. Yes, it is good to find someone who can keep us interested in a long meaningful conversation but it all boils down to …… can they satisfy my needs. How much do you really know about your partner? Are you aware of their fantasies? Some men and women cheat with people who won’t judge them for being freaks. Have you ever talked about what honestly turns you both on?

I think on first dates, topics like sex, children, religion and marriage should be discussed. Don’t regret later, what you can avoid right now. If you are a man who likes someone spanking you, using toys,  getting oral, then state that from the start. If you are a woman who will not give oral, or loves giving and receiving oral, wants some foreplay etc.. let them know from the start. Don’t be shy, if this is what you like then they should too, and if they don’t then’ve just dodged a headache or cheating.

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13 May

before marriage

Today’s Taboo is about having sex before marriage. Why have society steered away from the traditional ways of Marriage before carriage? Men are so wrapped up into having to see if the sex is good before giving her a ring. Do you sample a gallon of milk before buying? Do you taste the sandwich before leaving the deli with it? well why should it differ when it comes to love? There is no greater sex then making love to someone who equally loves you. When men start looking for someone that is worth raising their kids and being there for them unconditionally, they would stop getting into these headache situations that their nuts can’t get them out of. If every girl slept with a man before Marrying them, then they would have a wrap sheet a mile long. Guy want to have a good girl that sleeps around? I though you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife? Well, I’m not saying that sometimes you  won’t slip up and they slip in, but it should not be a requirement.


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30 Apr

hello cupid

Today’s Winning web-series goes to “Hello Cupid”! Since this week’s topic has been about online dating, I have decided that Hello Cupid is perfect for this week. This series is fun, playful and sexy!  Produced by Black and Sexy TV, this 10 Episode series is a winner for sure. The plot is based around an online profile that gets the attention of two men who happen to be family, but they fall for a girl who has a picture of her friend up instead of her own.. It gets real good and awkward when they setup a meet up! You have to check it out, promise you won’t be disappointed. Black and Sexy…baby!

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Poetry Entry: Bad B!tch

11 Apr
Please excuse the language in this poem submitted by @healthhercurvez , it has a deep message.
You think your ass makes you worth more
Bad bitch
I call you that because your body is your only door
To opportunities
Head emptier than a muhfukkin unused usb
Yet you have the audacity to clown brothers
Who spend more time on their degrees than the streets
Bad bitch
Who told you not to worth yourself
Who told you when youre old you aint gon be “the help”
Bad Bitch
Your vagina filled with all the niggas clips
Bad bitch
Do you not aspire to be queen
I mean something like a royalty keep them legs closed
Your gold is more than whats in between
Your legs
Gyat damn Bad bitch
You just gon get pregnant
And bring a child into your mis-educated world Damaged
Oh it’s a boy
Now because you’re a bad bitch youll have him thinking
That labels is the only way he’ll get recognized on this planet
He gonna go to school screaming
My moms a bad bitch
My moms a sad bitch
My mom don’t een know it but shes completely damaged
Cant even afford my carriage
Instead of her going to school and chasing that degree
She chased money cars and dicks
And thought a bad bitch was the way to be
Oh yea she said  daddies not a street nigga he got a real job
Man listen
Im a bad bitch
Yea I lost my way
Now every generation after me is gonna have to pay
Being a bad bitch cost
And my generation to come has the funds
Well looky here my son got caught with a gun
A bad bitch produce a bad nigga
And his trigger go clap clap
But listen all you judging niggas fall  back
No one taught me how to be a woman
No one told me to stay in school
And be something
A mentor.. what the fuck is that
My daddy at 12 said all im good for is laying on my back
So he taught me how to do it
All I saw was what was on tv
And bad bitches was winning
They had the niggas with the Maserati’s
Wheels spinning
So by 8 I knew what I wanted to be
A bad bitch
Since my environment raised me


2 Apr

Today’s web-series “Villains”  has a twist and a plot from the beginning. It shows the part of the hood life from a stand point most haven’t seen. Written and created by Lawrence Lee Wallace, this web-series does capture the raw and gritty life of a Villain. I must say the series does have a bit of vulgarity and violence, but for a flick about Villains it’s understandable. Watch and leave your comments.


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1 Apr

bad breath

Your breath is kicking! Well, who really thinks they are able to tell someone that? Many people feel as if its rude to tell a friends, significant other or employer/employee that their breath makes their nose curl. I do feel like bad breath just kills the mood. Questions come to mind like: Don’t they have a tooth brush? Do they use tooth paste? How does the person they kiss deal with it? Can they smell their own breath? Yes, these are some of the same questions I have asked myself.

But the real question is how to get them to have better breath around you without hurting their feelings? Easy! Always bring extra gum or breath mints where ever you go and offer them some. If they refuse here’s how you do it:

You: Hey I just bought these new mints, suppose to last all day. I wanted to try them out. Try them I want your feed back.

Bad Breath Friend: Okay, let me try.


You: Its been a long day girl/man both of our breaths are hot, good thing I brought my mints. Here you go.

Bad Breath Friend: Fareal, well thanks, good looking out.

Try these tactics and let me know how successful you have been, Good Luck! and hope you no longer have a bad breath friend/Boss/Partner.


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