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27 Nov

Saturday, November 22, 2014 I had my 2nd session with Cameil Ross of Sealed Clutch and I just had to share this amazing workout. I have a issue with person trainers, because they are just so CRAZY! They never understand that you’re a beginner and they are never affordable. Well, I stand corrected…. this young lady Cameil Ross reached out to me through Instagram and I said okay why not. Since I am now on my Brooklyn Bridge Challenge I felt this could be a good add on to my workout journey.  And I am glad I did.

This Thanksgiving Ross is offering a Black Friday sale so don’t miss out @sealedclutch (This is not a paid advertisement) When you come across something amazing from someone so awesome, you should share the information with people you love!



Special Causes: Project Bright For Senegal

24 Nov

Project Bright for Senegal implements after-school solution to Senegal’s illiteracy problem

 The Republic of Senegal, in West Africa—is about 76,000 square miles long and has an estimated population of about 13 million people. Its capital is Dakar, and the climate there—extremely tropical. Fish processing, phosphate mining and petroleum refining 7AwV3HlcBTp31lYepRykF1rXtJXO_aGDXb6Ksb-WxwSQM78AXfnUiZ-ebBVNB2ZOVxp3oJ5pAjhf4HjjzIryeK70=w443-h332-ncare a few of Senegal’s major industries; and sugarcane, cotton and mango are some of its admired cash crops. Most Senegalese are Sufi Muslims and French is their official language, but what many of you don’t know is—Senegal is plagued with a severe illiteracy problem.

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The Funnies Of An Interracial Couple: White Man turns Brown

14 Nov


So you are wondering how is this possible. How can a White man or boy turn brown? Well its pretty simple. So let me start off with saying thank you for tuning in and reading my Funnies! It’s greatly appreciated. Okay so here it goes….. I went to see my boo thang who happens to be a Polish White Fine Assss…Paragus man (I don’t curse so I use Asparagus instead of just saying A**), so of course you know I was beat to capacity lol. I did my makeup lol in other words! Keep in mind I am a darker shade of brown and I used a liquid foundation and it was a little warm out 🙂 . When I seen him my heart just melted and we hugged as usual. We made out and when we paused and stared in to each others eyes, I smiled. Not because I was blushing but because the tip of his nose and side of his face was Continue reading

The Funnies of an Interracial Couple: Kissing

12 Nov

If you are a black woman and have never kissed a white guy or a white man who has never kissed a black girl or even if you have .. you should and will know what I mean when I write… there is a special way to kiss. yeah you are reading this like” huh?” Well, I have started dating a guy who is from Poland and yes he has a straight nose, I have a small button nose (I like to think) and when we kissed for the first time it was so weird to kiss like I have been used to when kissing my exes (they were all black and one Mexican) . If we kissed head on, his nose would poke my nose and Continue reading

A Dear Sandy Project

29 Oct

Many people who lived through this devastation can tell you how the struggle is not over but they are still standing. Yadestiny Treasure Chest has put together a video documenting survivors of Super Storm Sandy in Brooklyn, NY. You may check out the nonprofit and see how you can help their mission  Check out the Video made to Sandy below:



HBK Confessions: Beyonce’s Flawless Remix hmmmmmm

5 Aug

 I love me some Beyonce and Even Nicki but this collaboration was sorry to say but an epic fail! The beat and lyrics were all over the place and to me this just depreciated the value of Beyonce. I looked at Beyonce as someone that was on legendary status and now well… a joke. Nicki’s whole image has been a joke and it works for her. No shade thrown anyone’s way but I felt if Queen Bey would have chosen someone to create and share a hit record with, it would have been Continue reading


26 Jul

I was blessed by the voices of these 3 young boys in Brooklyn, NY and one happens to be my little cousin. I am so proud to see young black men doing positive things in the community. Make sure you follow them on every social outlet and share this video. Amazing voices!


Please like and follow them on Youtube: CM3 Music/ Soundcloud: _TheOfficialCM3/ Twitter: @_THEOFFICIALCM3/ Instagram: @_THEOFFICIALCM3


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