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18 Dec

Wrap it up, just in time for Christmas!

This past Monday, 12/15/14 at 8 AM I tried out the wraps everyone have been raving about. I received a wrap from @wrapsragirlbestfriend to test out and see if it really works. And I must tell you…… I was skeptical about it and didn’t expect it to do anything but I was wrong. Once I put it on and wrapped it with Cling wrap around my stomach (my most stubborn area) I started to feel this sensation. I was like a cooling and tingling feeling happening on my stomach. After an Hour I removed the wrap, rubbed in the cream that was left on my stomach and drank water through out the day, for the next 3 days. It takes a whole 72 hours to see the complete results of the 1st wrap. I measured and took pictures of my self before, during and After. I lost 2 1/2 inches in 72 hours ladies and gents! Here are my pictures (And don’t laugh at my tummy 🙂 Thanks):

Untitled drawing

As you can tell this is not a paid promotion.. this actually works am I am now a believer!



27 May

thinking guy

So many people avoid talking about their sexual preferences but they know that, that’s all they truly worry about. That sexy man over there that you are staring at, I am pretty sure you aren’t thinking “what a beautiful mind and heart he has” or that beautiful girl is not really making your brain stimulate. Human nature is a sexual nature. Yes, it is good to find someone who can keep us interested in a long meaningful conversation but it all boils down to …… can they satisfy my needs. How much do you really know about your partner? Are you aware of their fantasies? Some men and women cheat with people who won’t judge them for being freaks. Have you ever talked about what honestly turns you both on?

I think on first dates, topics like sex, children, religion and marriage should be discussed. Don’t regret later, what you can avoid right now. If you are a man who likes someone spanking you, using toys,  getting oral, then state that from the start. If you are a woman who will not give oral, or loves giving and receiving oral, wants some foreplay etc.. let them know from the start. Don’t be shy, if this is what you like then they should too, and if they don’t then’ve just dodged a headache or cheating.

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20 May

I was so pleased to see all the love and Beautiful Haitian people having a Happy Hour. On Haitian Flag day, with so many festivities happing, I went to 4HNYC’s event. This event was special because it was organized to help raise funds for filling 300 backpacks for the children in Haiti.  I was a proud media sponsor of the event and also donated 2 of my Ayiti Cherie bracelets to be auctioned off. Sponsors included: Lelene Contemporary Artist (@HaitianLady11), 7days7Nights Carib(@7dayscarribbean), DJ Headache (@djheadachehd), DJ Pretty Nyce (@djprettynyce),  Mimi Florus (@colormimihumble), Ralph Thomas – Royal Cremas(@royalcremas) and Justice Sweets Cupcakes (@justicesweets). The crowd was jumping and having a great time celebrating the culture of Haiti.

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14 May

Since this week is Haitian week why not make the winning web-series be: Love and Kompa. This brand new Haitian series starring Haitian comedian Tami Zoe is a hilarious spin off of Love and Hip-hop. I truly feel like this could be a start to something very promising. If you love Haitians, love to laugh or just love web-series this is for you!



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Haitian flag Day is May 18th


7 May


If you are a light skinned man, I wonder if this is how you really feel. This web-series produced by Black and Sexy TV shows the conflicts within a light skinned male, who has a dark skinned brother. Check out this weeks Winning Web-series: Yellow!

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30 Apr

hello cupid

Today’s Winning web-series goes to “Hello Cupid”! Since this week’s topic has been about online dating, I have decided that Hello Cupid is perfect for this week. This series is fun, playful and sexy!  Produced by Black and Sexy TV, this 10 Episode series is a winner for sure. The plot is based around an online profile that gets the attention of two men who happen to be family, but they fall for a girl who has a picture of her friend up instead of her own.. It gets real good and awkward when they setup a meet up! You have to check it out, promise you won’t be disappointed. Black and Sexy…baby!

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29 Apr



This week I find that a lot of people don’t usually talk about online dating but many use it. I have recently had a discussion about online dating with a couple who have actually met off of the site OK Cupid. I once thought that online dating was for people that have low self esteem or just players. From talking with the couple, I have had a change of heart. They explained that it was very convenient for them to create an online profile that would help find an individual that matched their interests. Right now the couple is Continue reading

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