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The funnies of an Interracial Couple: Hot and Cold

22 Nov




Good Day, my beautiful people! As I have found with being in an interracial relationship, there have been so many funny moments. Like my previous posts I want you to understand that not every relationship is easy or hard but you can definitely laugh through it all. Well, the funny thing I have found with my Polish white guy, is that when I am cold, he is Hot. Yeah, crazy right? I know some of you can relate to some degree with me on this.  Okay, So I was with him in Continue reading


HBK Confessions: Beyonce’s Flawless Remix hmmmmmm

5 Aug

 I love me some Beyonce and Even Nicki but this collaboration was sorry to say but an epic fail! The beat and lyrics were all over the place and to me this just depreciated the value of Beyonce. I looked at Beyonce as someone that was on legendary status and now well… a joke. Nicki’s whole image has been a joke and it works for her. No shade thrown anyone’s way but I felt if Queen Bey would have chosen someone to create and share a hit record with, it would have been Continue reading

Back to the dating Board: Pt. 2 of Third Date

27 Jul

So it’s been a while since my last post about my Third date with the new guy. It’s has been a journey and now I’m on my way to the movies with a 6 foot Irish/ Italian Man. So as we were walking to the movies he was a little slow and awkward (it was his first time dating  a black girl). so I am so eager to tell you all what’s been going on!

I would love to walk you through this date but I think I should just go straight to the point. We were in the movies and while sitting there watching the movie he kept his distance. Why you ask? Well, there was a black man sitting next to him and he felt afraid. Smh. I? thought he was a grown man, regardless being white. There wasn’t any chemistry, I tried to keep an open mind but it was an epic fail. I thought that if I continued to talk to him I would get to know him, but I didn’t know I would discover a crazy, insecure and penny pitching man. you wonder why I state these things? well…… Continue reading


20 May


Today’s Taboo Tuesday is the right to say NO. These days when someone asks you to do something or come somewhere, they don’t expect you to say no. This to me is not at all healthy for the person or the relationship, whether its a friend, co-worker or lover. Sometimes people are not in the mood and the best thing for them to say is NO. You don’t want someone who is grumpy at your event just putting a damper on the time. Or here is another scenario you haven’t seen or heard from someone in a longtime and they invite you to something, that you won’t know anyone at…do you go? Hell NO! lol sorry for the attitude but why put yourself in an uncomfortable situation? We all know they won’t be there to talk to you since they know everyone there. Some of you have been through the worst propositions and made the mistake of saying yes. Like going on a date with someone you are completely not attracted to, just to spare their feelings. What if they make a move, then what? Well, I here to tell you it’s definitely okay to say no and if they don’t get it say Hell to the NO! lol it usually works every time.


13 May

before marriage

Today’s Taboo is about having sex before marriage. Why have society steered away from the traditional ways of Marriage before carriage? Men are so wrapped up into having to see if the sex is good before giving her a ring. Do you sample a gallon of milk before buying? Do you taste the sandwich before leaving the deli with it? well why should it differ when it comes to love? There is no greater sex then making love to someone who equally loves you. When men start looking for someone that is worth raising their kids and being there for them unconditionally, they would stop getting into these headache situations that their nuts can’t get them out of. If every girl slept with a man before Marrying them, then they would have a wrap sheet a mile long. Guy want to have a good girl that sleeps around? I though you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife? Well, I’m not saying that sometimes you  won’t slip up and they slip in, but it should not be a requirement.


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Watch “Jay Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by Beyonce’s Sister Solange [CLIP]” on YouTube

13 May

This is the most crazy thing I have ever seen and Beyonce just know your sister got your back! This seem to be that Jay-Z has upset Solange by disrespecting Beyonce by probably flirting with some one or something crazy he must have said. As you can see Beyonce was in the elevator quiet and possibly mad at Jay-Z,  when Solange comes to the rescue with punches and kicks. Guess the knowles don’t need a reality show, when they have an elevator full of surveillance.



6 May


Today I would like to just say I find that going natural is okay but they fail to warn you about the process.  I have been natural and I will be honest when  I say its not for everyone. If you have very coarse(means thick strands) and tightly coiled hair, its not a pleasant feeling. No one tells you that bugs
Continue reading

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