The funnies of an Interracial Couple: Hot and Cold

22 Nov




Good Day, my beautiful people! As I have found with being in an interracial relationship, there have been so many funny moments. Like my previous posts I want you to understand that not every relationship is easy or hard but you can definitely laugh through it all. Well, the funny thing I have found with my Polish white guy, is that when I am cold, he is Hot. Yeah, crazy right? I know some of you can relate to some degree with me on this.  Okay, So I was with him in Continue reading


Some Humpday Swirl: Jessie J And Luke James Coupled Up In NYC [Photos]

19 Nov

Yes…. about that Swirl life #wwbm


 British singer Jessie J is spotted returning to her New York City, New York hotel with her boyfriend Luke James on November 18, 2014. Jessie J is in town promoting her new material as well as her upcoming performance at the American Music Awards on November 23.

Sweet swirl love!

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If It Ain’t About The Money: Bill Cosby Still Plans To Perform His Entire Sold Out Comedy Tour In The Face Of Rape Allegations

19 Nov

Is it me but really? He is like 100 years old and now they coming for him. I hope this isn’t true Bill!


Bill Cosby

Guess he’s the R.Kelly of comedy

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Katherine Heigl Wishes Shonda Rhimes Didn’t Have “Such A Crappy Impression” Of Her

19 Nov




Shonda thinks Katherine is a beyotch!

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Perverts: Philly Teen Popped For Raping 5-Year-Old Relative And Giving Her Chlamydia

19 Nov

Oh Hell No!



Chair, injection, or shower shank?

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The Queen is Back: Solange wedding was Epic

18 Nov

I haven’t seen such a beautiful rendition of a Royal Wedding. Solange definitely broke the internet with her all white wedding, where she wore an off white pants suit with a gorgeous trail. I don’t know if I was the only one that though Jay-z had to be there. If Jay-Z didn’t come, it would be all over the tabloids about the reason he didn’t show etc. So good decision in rocking your all white Jay- Z. I love Beyonce, but even for Beyonce her dress didn’t do anything for her. Simple white sleeveless dress.. well I was just floored by Solange and her mother Tina Knowles. They killed the looks, and revived their inner African Queens. Solange, Son and Blue Ivy rocking fros. One just couldn’t help but wonder where was Papa Knowles 😦 , still a beautiful family!

Although Solange nailed the Wedding, the pressure must have gotten to her. She broke out in the worst way with hives. I am hoping she is able to get that under control and enjoy her honey moon. I guess when you have to change like 3 times, ride a bike, dance in the street for 10 blocks and have Jay-Z around you, I could understand the break out.

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The Funnies of An Interracial couple: a couple that braids together stays together

16 Nov



braid interracial


Good Day my beautiful ladies and gents…. so I have been on this exciting ride. My past relationships have been truly sweet and sour but so far getting to know my Polish Man,, it’s been a box of surprises. So One day me and my boo went to the High Line in New York. Everyone was all boo’d up and all, so it was pretty hard to find a seat. We looked for a nice private bench to sit and talk (yes.. sit and talk) hahaha.. At the time I had my long Janet box braids and he loved them. I asked him what are you looking at? and he said like your hair. I said oohhh thank you. I explained to him that it was braided on to my hair because he was so amazed it was not my hair. Shocking … he Continue reading

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