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3 Jun

Hi, everyone I’m back with Part 3 of my first online date. for those of you who are reading about my first date for the first time I suggest you stop now and go back and read part 1 and 2 first. I promise I will wait for you to get up to speed………

Okay so as I left off and left you all hanging in Part 2, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking lol. My Swedish guy, stood there tall and watching me as I fixed my lips to answer his question: Do I want to come up? (Now guys some of you know me and how I am, but honestly I don’t even know myself…. so how do you think this played out? …. don’t drink and date, people.) Well, I looked at him, then to the door and back to him and said, “sure”. He of course, was happy and shocked at me agreeing to come up.  I really didn’t want the night to end, did I mention I didn’t see any red flags. Well, we walked up stairs in to the building, he took the lead towards his apartment door.

He unlocked the door and we entered the high ceiling, wooden floor apartment. He introduced me to his roommate and his room mate’s girlfriend. I guess the fact that I went up stairs he might have thought he would be getting some chocolate loving, lmbo well not at all , because he escorted me straight to his room. I seen a single chair near a dresser facing his bed. (duhduhdun). He took his shirt off….. Continue reading



20 May


Today’s Taboo Tuesday is the right to say NO. These days when someone asks you to do something or come somewhere, they don’t expect you to say no. This to me is not at all healthy for the person or the relationship, whether its a friend, co-worker or lover. Sometimes people are not in the mood and the best thing for them to say is NO. You don’t want someone who is grumpy at your event just putting a damper on the time. Or here is another scenario you haven’t seen or heard from someone in a longtime and they invite you to something, that you won’t know anyone at…do you go? Hell NO! lol sorry for the attitude but why put yourself in an uncomfortable situation? We all know they won’t be there to talk to you since they know everyone there. Some of you have been through the worst propositions and made the mistake of saying yes. Like going on a date with someone you are completely not attracted to, just to spare their feelings. What if they make a move, then what? Well, I here to tell you it’s definitely okay to say no and if they don’t get it say Hell to the NO! lol it usually works every time.


15 Apr

jenniferlopezdiddy30472611The unforgettable Ex is someone we all wish we could get over but can’t. Everyone knows the romance between Puffy and J.LO and how it ended. But as we ourselves fall in love and breakup, we know that the love never really disappears. As we live separate lives from the one we let get away, family and friends walk on egg shells trying not to mention their names. When the truth is that we still think about the unforgettable Ex that made us Continue reading


8 Apr


When we date as women we come off acting like we are perfect. How many women think its okay to use the bathroom in their boyfriend’s house. Well as I surveyed many women, I have found that most women are not comfortable with doing number 2 around their men. Even though its a normal and natural thing to do, we usually just like to keep that to ourselves. Men, just so you know yes women do use the bathroom.

I will like to share a time I had to go and I was at my boyfriend’s home.  Well, we were sleeping and when around 5am hit I knew he would be sleep. I woke up snuck into the bathroom, I finished  and I hopped in the shower to make it seem like that was the only thing I did. And that happened for the whole week I was there.

Just know that I’m not the only woman that hides the fact that she uses the bathroom.  There are some females that hold it in until they leave and go home. It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, taking a poop just isn’t something that is talked about.

If you can relate to this Taboo please comment and share!

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