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The Funnies of an Interracial Couple: Kissing

12 Nov

If you are a black woman and have never kissed a white guy or a white man who has never kissed a black girl or even if you have .. you should and will know what I mean when I write… there is a special way to kiss. yeah you are reading this like” huh?” Well, I have started dating a guy who is from Poland and yes he has a straight nose, I have a small button nose (I like to think) and when we kissed for the first time it was so weird to kiss like I have been used to when kissing my exes (they were all black and one Mexican) . If we kissed head on, his nose would poke my nose and Continue reading



1 Jul

black history  africa


What is black history? Many people go to school and are taught that black history started as far back as slavery. This is not true. black history has the most influence on the history of America today. Did you know that Santa Claus is real and he is black? Saint Nicholas is indeed black and the facts are in Europe. Did you know that the first people to discover America was Africans? Yes Africans were all over the world building pyramids. Did you know that Buddha was also Black? This is taboo because its too much to talk about. People fail to realize the Egypt is in Africa and the true Egyptians were black. I am not talking about this because I think it about that time we start researching our real history and not buy what they are selling.

Black history is more than slavery, we are Kings and Queens of the riches land, Africa.


Thank you for reading I hope this doesn’t’ make you mad but hey the Truth does hurt.



Martin Luther King Jr.s Dream

28 Aug

50 years ago today Martin Luther King Jr. led a march on Washington and delivered his I have a dream speech. A speech that spoke volumes of a needed change that future generations would live out and continue to overcome. This speech was given during a time of chaos, discrimination and inequality, and yet Martin Luther King was able to stand before millions and give birth to this amazing dream. I wonder who do we have today that has and can carry on the torch of this I have a Dream speech?  The reason we can sit where ever we choose on the bus was because of those that came before us who had a dream of sitting where ever they wanted despite the injustice and inhuman ways of the laws. Those times have shown us that because it is law does not make it right or just. 

Where are we? On corners selling. Where are we? At the welfare office. Where are we? Walking with our pants below our backsides. Where are we? Incarcerated. Where are we? Rap videos. Where are we? Denying our families. Where are we? In Strip clubs. Where are we? We have made it to the White house! We are the majority yet still have the mind set of the minority. We are Pastors, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, nurses, Judges, teachers, Kings, and Queens. How do we come from such a line of leaders and activists to becoming a passive people. A people that rather complain and lay down, then a people like our predecessors of individuals who stood up for what was right. 

“We stop the ignorance, we kill the enemy”- Kanye West. God did not give you a spirit of Fear, but of Power, love and a sound mind. We have to continue the path of those that came before us mirroring helping and guiding one another…. Lifting spirits not robbing them. I have a Dream that Martin Luther King’s Dream becomes every one of our dreams turned reality.

Martin Luther Poem

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