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1 Jul

black history  africa


What is black history? Many people go to school and are taught that black history started as far back as slavery. This is not true. black history has the most influence on the history of America today. Did you know that Santa Claus is real and he is black? Saint Nicholas is indeed black and the facts are in Europe. Did you know that the first people to discover America was Africans? Yes Africans were all over the world building pyramids. Did you know that Buddha was also Black? This is taboo because its too much to talk about. People fail to realize the Egypt is in Africa and the true Egyptians were black. I am not talking about this because I think it about that time we start researching our real history and not buy what they are selling.

Black history is more than slavery, we are Kings and Queens of the riches land, Africa.


Thank you for reading I hope this doesn’t’ make you mad but hey the Truth does hurt.




Face behind the Metal

22 Feb


If you have been wondering who is the mastermind behind the hottest metal fashion seen on Beyonce, the runways and event to grace BET, well it’s Laurel Dewitt. Who is Laurel Dewitt? You might be more familiar with the name “LaruelLuxe” designs . The passionate designer started off designing luxury Hand bags and pocket books but decided to take a venture into Metal fashion. A decision that was very successful in the fashion Industry, every body of every ethnicity was raving over her collection. Emulating some of African Egyptian fashion the Metal fashion was a hit and definitely a must have luxury. It shows that no matter the face behind the fashion, whether black or white, if it’s beautiful it will be received. It just so happens that the face behind this fashion is White. Laurel Dewitt you are an amazing designer and I truly wish all the blessings over you!


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