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Back to the Dating Board: Going Poland Strong

12 Nov

Good day everyone one I know it has been a while since I have last updated you with how my dating has gone. Well I am back and since my last post….. I was in a short lived relationship with a guy from Mexico, started dating a guy from Israel and now I am a really good feeling I like him he likes me .. we make out kind of friendship with a hot guy from Poland…. I mean I drink Poland spring water but I did think I would be kissing someone from there…lol. Continue reading



18 Jun

hair glue

It’s time we talked about the effects of glue ins and who uses it. Well, as a licensed professional  hair stylist I have learned a lot about the horrible effects of using hair glue. In the past, I have used hair glue because it was cheaper and easier to do than sewing in extensions. Cheaper isn’t always cheaper in the long run though. After, much usage of glue I experienced hair loss and lots of glue residue in my hair and combs. It was the worst thing ever, especially in the summer!

Many stylist tell there clients that they have to use hair glue to lay their top tracks flat. That is a lie! If you are a skilled stylist and care for your clients’ hair, you will be able to braid small enough to make a weave install look and feel natural. I have ran into many clients, that have been told that glue is necessary and now when working with them they truly notice the difference and know the truth. The top of one of my client’s head was very short and experienced a lot of breakage from using an extensive amount of Continue reading


10 Jun

So as so many have been anticipating about the rest of my second date with my Swedish blue eye’d blond haired white guy, please read the first parts of Back to the dating board. So he texted me letting me know he would be a little late for our date at the movies. I waited in the lobby a little relieved that he was still on his way. After a little while I walked through the second doors towards the kiosks, but not before calling my Marketing manager to go over a few things. Yeah I know I never stop working. As couples passed me, I thought to myself, so cute that could be us or nah. lol.

Well, as I was saying… I walked through the doors and notice that he was walking my way too. I had to squint a little because I didn’t have my glasses. (yes I am blind) . He seemed pretty excited to see me, wearing a collar shirt tucked into is slacks. Something was different about him, something I noticed right away. I will let you know in a few sentences what it was, but he approached me and wanted to embrace me and kiss me. Did I mention to you I was not the PDA type? Well, I am not, I gave him an awkward hug and a kiss on the cheek. I quickly tried to get his attention and said, “so the movie starts at 9:30pm”. Thinking he would be like great lets get the tickets, nope he did disappointed once again. He said” hey can we do the movies another time, my contacts are irritating me. Can we just get a drink and sit some where?” I looked at him Continue reading


4 Jun

Today’s Winning web-series is “The Couple” from Black and Sext TV. You will also find that this web-series to be very related with the situations couples go through daily. If you are looking for something to laugh at and share, this is surely it.


4 Jun

Why is it so hard for people to just say how they feel? When was the last time you told your friends or fasmily members you loved them? The word Love is used rarley and when it is used, it’s used all wrong. Love is such an amazing feeling. It’s warm and just makes you want to give everything up for that person. Like Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, that’s what love is like. Being willing to die for someone or just standing up for them. I dare you to tell someone you love that you love them. And when is too early to tell someone you love them, without looking crazy? Well, I don’t think there should be a time, once you feel love you should be able to express it without being judged. However, with a world like  ours I would take percussion. You might just scare them off, so it’s better off to just keep it to yourself until the right moment.

I just think it’s just a shame that saying I love you is so taboo to say and really mean it. For more on Taboos check back on tuesday.




2 Jun


This Saturday, May 31st  I made my way to the talented and beautiful Drama Queen‘s video release event in Harlem, NY. The spot was all the way turned up as the Dj filled the space with some amazing dance tunes. The setup was definitely Jamaican style, with little flags as decor. As the crowd grew, I met up with Lyfe Style Music group’s very own Pablo (celebrity Stylist). I must say Drama Queen’s team was very much on it, greeting and raffling off sponsored gifts from Yard Girl Jewelry, Bellosa, Trendy Little Things and much more.photo 3 photo 2The ladies were in the building dressed to kill, especially Valerie, Drama Queen’s Publicist. I waited on the sideline until Drama Queen made her entrance. She arrived rocking her statement hair colored blue and turquoise, If anyone could pull it off it was Drama Queen. She looked amazing! photo 1As people took pictures at the step and repeat, the anticipation heightened for the performances and the release of the “Dem Nuh Like Me” video. If you were not able to make it to the event on Saturday you will be able to watch the exclusive video right here with me.

Face behind the Metal

22 Feb


If you have been wondering who is the mastermind behind the hottest metal fashion seen on Beyonce, the runways and event to grace BET, well it’s Laurel Dewitt. Who is Laurel Dewitt? You might be more familiar with the name “LaruelLuxe” designs . The passionate designer started off designing luxury Hand bags and pocket books but decided to take a venture into Metal fashion. A decision that was very successful in the fashion Industry, every body of every ethnicity was raving over her collection. Emulating some of African Egyptian fashion the Metal fashion was a hit and definitely a must have luxury. It shows that no matter the face behind the fashion, whether black or white, if it’s beautiful it will be received. It just so happens that the face behind this fashion is White. Laurel Dewitt you are an amazing designer and I truly wish all the blessings over you!


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