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A Dear Sandy Project

29 Oct

Many people who lived through this devastation can tell you how the struggle is not over but they are still standing. Yadestiny Treasure Chest has put together a video documenting survivors of Super Storm Sandy in Brooklyn, NY. You may check out the nonprofit and see how you can help their mission www.yadestinytreasurechest.org  Check out the Video made to Sandy below:





27 Jul

While living in New York my entire life, I found that there are a lot of great ways to save and get healthy in NYC. It also, helped that I come from a family of 9: 5 Sisters and 3 brothers. But since I love you as readers I will narrow it down to 5 top ways.

  1. Buddy up on a Metro Card– If you and a friend, family member or co-worker take the same route almost every day, you could save money by just sharing an unlimited metro card. How? Well, there are 3 ways to utilize your unlimited effectively with someone else; A) on days you aren’t going anywhere you can let the other person use it. B) Travel 15 minutes earlier to the train station, swipe the metro card and wait for your buddy to hand them the metro to swipe. C) Walk your buddy to the train swipe them on and you take the bus and either meet them at your destination or take the bus to the next stop and then take the train that way. This is a great saving technique and also a way to burn some extra calories by walking a little more than usual. Trust me splitting the cost of a weekly or monthly would help you save and manage your money and time a lot better.
  2. Using It Until the Last Drop– Most of us are so wasteful and see the glass as half empty, well we need to see it as half full. using makeup in a tube, Toothpaste or anything similar, we tend to throw it away thinking that we can’t squeeze anything out, so its done. Right? wrong! There is aways more and you should use every penny. If you ever find yourself squeezing a tube  so much your hands starts shaking, try grabbing a scissor and cutting the end of the tube and taking from that end. I know you might feel like this sounds desperate but it’s actually eco- friendly. Why throw away before its used up? Try this especially with your toothpaste and you will save a little bit now, but accumulate so much more in the long run. Beside fluoride is not healthy, so if you have fluoride tooth paste less is more.
  3. Split- a-Meal– I love eating out with friends and family but hate the bill and feeling full. I want to share this tip with you, so you can save money and make a little room for dessert or to walk at ease. When going out with a group or just 2, try looking at the menu together and ordering something you both can share or that the group can get and taste a little from each plate. 9 out of 10 times you will not eat the entire plate and will throw food away. By ordering smartly you can save money and stay healthy by not over eating. Its also fun to share food and ask how you all like the taste, being a team of food critics. And when the bill comes you don’t have to start sweating!
  4. Free Events- Everyone in NYC knows that there are always fun and free things to do, especially in the summer. Instead of finding an exclusive night club to celebrate with friends and family, try researching some great places to create fun memories like the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island or Central Park Concerts. Usually with places like these you can walk to and bring your own meals. Someone can drive, another can bring food and the other can bring drinks. No one said you had to spend your last dime to have fun, only that you had to have fun. You work hard for you money, so you should not have to waste it.
  5. Plant it, Grow it, Eat it– The best way to know what your eating is to grow it yourself. At BJs and Lowes you can find affordable vegetable and fruit seeds that you can take home and plant. when you start thinking about your health and saving money , you would be able to focus and take what goes in your body seriously.

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24 Jun

metor card in use

Has anyone realized that more and more money is being spent on paying for Metro cards in NYC? Today I wanted to talk about the fact that wages are the same for the last 5 years but a monthly metro card has went from $30 to $104 and soon to go up again. what are we doing as a society, just sitting back and dying. Living from pay check to Pay check. By the way a weekly metro card is now $30, this is so crazy. The transit system will continue to win because we depend on the service they provide no matter how much it sucks. No security and clean anything! If people are subjected to pay so much every year, there should be more offered instead of interrupted weekend schedules and faulty signals. Bus drivers are not being supervised, if they were they wouldn’t be so late running behind each other causing a longer wait time. I don’t know about you but I actually read the bus schedule and rely on it.

I do agree with charging for new metro cards, because it does help decrease trash. People are holding on to their metro cards for dear life now. I just wanted to talk about something no one seems to mention anymore, Metro Cards. When it gets to be to much I will be walking or staying home.


If you have any comments on Metro Cards and how it helps or hurts please do so. Also, Subscribe and share this blog with others. Love ya!


2 Jun


This Saturday, May 31st  I made my way to the talented and beautiful Drama Queen‘s video release event in Harlem, NY. The spot was all the way turned up as the Dj filled the space with some amazing dance tunes. The setup was definitely Jamaican style, with little flags as decor. As the crowd grew, I met up with Lyfe Style Music group’s very own Pablo (celebrity Stylist). I must say Drama Queen’s team was very much on it, greeting and raffling off sponsored gifts from Yard Girl Jewelry, Bellosa, Trendy Little Things and much more.photo 3 photo 2The ladies were in the building dressed to kill, especially Valerie, Drama Queen’s Publicist. I waited on the sideline until Drama Queen made her entrance. She arrived rocking her statement hair colored blue and turquoise, If anyone could pull it off it was Drama Queen. She looked amazing! photo 1As people took pictures at the step and repeat, the anticipation heightened for the performances and the release of the “Dem Nuh Like Me” video. If you were not able to make it to the event on Saturday you will be able to watch the exclusive video right here with me.

Back to the Dating Board: First Date

31 May

So I have been out of the dating scene for more than  5 years and now that I am single again its been somewhat of a challenge. Trying to get someone’s attention on the street has not been too successful. I shared my frustrations and interests with a new friend and she suggest to go on an online dating site. It worked for her and her new relationship so I gave it a shot.

I set up an account and finally got the results I wanted. I took interest in the guys who read my profile and matched me almost perfectly. This to me weeded out all the losers and super freaks. So to get to the point I set up a date with a white guy from Sweden. As the days grew closer to the day we set, I became more and more nervous for more than one reason. first things, it was my first online date and second it was my first time dating a white man. Of course, family and friends offered to come with for some protection. But as I thought more about it, I said to myself I am nearly 30, I can do this Im grown. lol.

As I stood at the spot to meet him, I wondered: what if he doesn’t look like his picture? What if he is short? What if he has a goofy walk? what if we don’t have the chemistry? Then he showed up! He was Continue reading


27 May

thinking guy

So many people avoid talking about their sexual preferences but they know that, that’s all they truly worry about. That sexy man over there that you are staring at, I am pretty sure you aren’t thinking “what a beautiful mind and heart he has” or that beautiful girl is not really making your brain stimulate. Human nature is a sexual nature. Yes, it is good to find someone who can keep us interested in a long meaningful conversation but it all boils down to …… can they satisfy my needs. How much do you really know about your partner? Are you aware of their fantasies? Some men and women cheat with people who won’t judge them for being freaks. Have you ever talked about what honestly turns you both on?

I think on first dates, topics like sex, children, religion and marriage should be discussed. Don’t regret later, what you can avoid right now. If you are a man who likes someone spanking you, using toys,  getting oral, then state that from the start. If you are a woman who will not give oral, or loves giving and receiving oral, wants some foreplay etc.. let them know from the start. Don’t be shy, if this is what you like then they should too, and if they don’t then hey..you’ve just dodged a headache or cheating.

Hope you have found some good information today and be sure to check back each and every Tuesday for Taboo Topics. If you have a topic you would like me to blog about email me at haitianbarbiek@gmail.com or comment below.





20 May

I was so pleased to see all the love and Beautiful Haitian people having a Happy Hour. On Haitian Flag day, with so many festivities happing, I went to 4HNYC’s event. This event was special because it was organized to help raise funds for filling 300 backpacks for the children in Haiti.  I was a proud media sponsor of the event and also donated 2 of my Ayiti Cherie bracelets to be auctioned off. Sponsors included: Lelene Contemporary Artist (@HaitianLady11), 7days7Nights Carib(@7dayscarribbean), DJ Headache (@djheadachehd), DJ Pretty Nyce (@djprettynyce),  Mimi Florus (@colormimihumble), Ralph Thomas – Royal Cremas(@royalcremas) and Justice Sweets Cupcakes (@justicesweets). The crowd was jumping and having a great time celebrating the culture of Haiti.

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